Maison Muguet is a hidden gem in the heart of Hong Kong, home to a carefully curated selection of jewels and designer items by creatives from all around the world. An insider's secret for the stylish crowd, Maison Muguet was born from founder Christy Chan's desire to enrich the fashion scene in Hong Kong with pieces that sparked joy and spoke to the taste of modern women just like herself. Modern women who wanted to look good and feel confident, who desired timeless and accentuating styles over trend-driven designs and who wanted quality pieces that could live in their closets forever. ­


A working professional in a previous life, Christy spent years traversing the globe in search for original and authentic brands that spoke to her sense of style. She found herself amassing a number of really distinct brands that all had an edge to them, pieces that spoke to real women, timeless items that had cultural resonance and were unique, were well-made and still affordably priced.


The brands that resonated with Christy didn't have a presence in Hong Kong, even though as an international metropolis, Hong Kong was headquarters to so many fashion giants. An idea sparked in her head – maybe there were others like her, who would find existing luxury brands too commercial and fast fashion products too wasteful, and who would also adore the same brands that she loved.  


Armed with a spirit for entrepreneurship, and with the blessings from her Central Saint Martins professors, Christy opened Maison Muguet in 2019. Muguet is French for lily of the valley, a delicate bell-shaped bloom that symbolises luck and happiness, and so happens to be Christy's favourite flower. From the moment the contemporary designer boutique opened its doors on Hollywood Road, it attracted Hong Kong's most discerning crowd. Those in the know recognised Christy's perceptive eye for detail and quality. Maison Muguet was the first to bring in cult favourites to Asian customers and continues to discover new designers to showcase at their gallery, designers who offered something original and distinctive, and yet never compromised on quality and craftsmanship. Now, with jewellery, Maison Muguet is continuing its mission to introduce original and timeless designs to the city, bringing new jewellery designers and brands into its welcoming space for Asian customers to discover.


The designers carried at Maison Muguet enable women to dress for any mood and any occasion – echoing Christy’s personal belief that women can have fun and dress according to how they feel to please themselves.