Hong Kong, May 25 - Maison Muguet, a contemporary designer boutique located in the heart of Hong Kong, launched with a showcase of timeless jewels and designer items that speak to the taste of modern women. The boutique is a hidden gem that is home to a carefully curated selection of jewels and designer items by creatives from all around the world.

Founded by Christy Chan, Maison Muguet is an insider's secret for the stylish crowd who desire timeless and accentuating styles over trend-driven designs. Christy spent years traveling the globe in search of original and authentic brands that spoke to her sense of style. She found herself amassing a number of really distinct brands that all had an edge to them, pieces that spoke to real women, timeless items that had cultural resonance and were unique, were well-made and still affordably priced.

Maison Muguet team

The fashion luncheon of Maison Muguet was attended by many KOLs in Hong Kong who were introduced to the amazing collections of jewels and designer items. The event was a success, with the attendees appreciating the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces on display.

@no7 with Aurelie Bidermann & Paola Sighinolfi & Tohum@tinalynn_cw with Completedworks & Anna Quan@faye_tsui with Goossens & Aurelie Bidermann & Paola Sighinolfi & Bite Studios

Maison Muguet is proud to offer a collection of jewels and designer items from renowned brands from all around the world. The boutique includes collections from brands like Aurelie Bidermann, Goossens, Pearl Octopuss.Y, Jonathan Simkhai, Completedworks, and Paola Sighinolfi, among others. These brands are known for their originality, quality, and craftsmanship, and are a perfect fit for Maison Muguet's mission to introduce original and timeless designs to the city. With its carefully curated selection of jewels and designer items, Maison Muguet offers Asian customers the opportunity to discover unique and distinctive brands from around the world.

@amandastrang with Jonathan Simkhai & Pearl Octopuss.Y@jessieli with Jonathan Simkhai & Aurelie Bidermann & Paola Sighinolfi@char1es with Pearl Octopuss.Y & Goossens

"From the moment Maison Muguet opened its doors on Hollywood Road, it attracted Hong Kong's most discerning crowd. We are thrilled to be able to showcase our collection of timeless jewels and designer items to the city. Our mission is to introduce original and timeless designs to the city, bringing new jewellery designers and brands into our welcoming space for Asian customers to discover," said Christy Chan.

Maison Muguet is continuing its mission to introduce original and timeless designs to the city with its collection of jewels and designer items. The designers carried at Maison Muguet enable women to dress for any mood and any occasion, echoing Christy's personal belief that women can have fun and dress according to how they feel to please themselves.

June 23, 2023 — Maison Muguet